Bruno de Séré

Photographer, Motorbiker and Poet.


About myself

"While he likes to describe himself as an "Epicurean photographer”, Bruno, by his humanist nature, can be described as a portraitist. A strong supporter of prime lenses, he equally likes digital photography and 6x6 medium format. Notwithstanding his skills in technologies and technic, Bruno lets himself be guided by the vibration of the moment in order to capture images filled with meaning and sensuality."
Paulo Lobo (Headwriter @Wunnen Magazine)

My confort zone are IT, technologies, engennering and related domains in these fields but what it's make me shudder are motorbiking, photography and composing poetry.

Aurora Borealis

The brightness of your smile,
enlighten the colours of my life
In all the pleat of the time
I want drown myself in your eyes
Under your light
my soul is vulnerable
and all my love devoted

(Bruno de Séré - Feb. 2006)

Extase du motard

I love to combine my passions with poetry. Hereafter a poem wrote in 2010, about how, on my own perspective, a motorbike should savour the art of piloting a motorbike.

Le profane, dans son ignorance cérébrale, ampute son âme de l'art majeur et addictif du pilotage.
La route exhibe ses délices dans sa robe anthracite,
S'immiscer, s'introduire dans ses courbes sublimes
Savourer goûter l'ivresse de l'excès
S'abandonner à caresser des trajectoires de canaille au pays des malices
Se défoncer au son de l'Akrapovitch comme Reed, Hendricks les Stone
Perdu dans l'extase de la défonce le motard flamboyant
S'envole et s'abandonne à des freinages appuyés et trajectoires léchées.
Déguster avec gourmandise ce délicieux nectar,
Observer, apprécier, anticiper, se laisser surprendre, réfléchir,
Oser appréhender une complexe chimie.
Sans cesse apprendre humblement, s'adapter indéfiniment, et explorer de nouvelles pistes pour aiguiser ses sens.

(Bruno de Séré - novembre 2010)


Des couleurs tombées du ciel,
Une étoile couchée sur la lumière,
Un coin d’espace, en paix,
Un feu sacré.

(Bruno de Séré - mars 2019)

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Over time, I positioned myself by reflecting fundamental questions about photography. When does editing become betrayal? Does the quest for aesthetics allow us to violate ethics? Am I a photographer or an artist who remodels the world? Photography or “photo-graphics”? I focus on the authenticity of the captured moment and freeing my work, as much as possible, from computer post-processing. I assume that a photograph is the witness of a moment and not the rearrangement of a scene. Nowadays we are faced with the strong temptation of accommodating the truth. The cult of the image joined by narcissism and marketing, prompt us to give a flattering image of our photos, which are in themselves an extension of our ego. My discipline of being "factual" forces me to be more rigorous when shooting and produces “organic pictures”.

Analogue Corner

This set of pictures are from rolls film and developed and processed by myself. Using film is more than just a fashion phenomenon reserved for hipsters or wacky people. In a world where everything is consumed with frenzy, this return into the past gives us the privilege to observe our world with more serenity, rediscovering patience and the magical taste of the delayed moment.

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